Physical Interface (PHI) Modules

Below are PHI modules which can be used to control the listed equipment as well as the examples for PHI development for the custom integrations.

To install PHI, put the module file into xc/drivers/phi/ folder or use console command:

uc-cmd phi download <module-uri>
Category Module Version Description Equipment API Author
misc gpio_button 1.0.0 GPIO buttons GPIO buttons 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
misc gpio_power 1.0.0 GPIO power GPIO 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays dae_ip16r 1.0.0 Denkovi relay smartDEN-IP-16R smartDEN-IP-16R 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays dae_pbro5ip 1.0.0 Denkovi relay DAE-PB-RO5-DAEnetIP4 DAE-PB-RO5-DAEnetIP4 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays dae_ro16_modbus 1.0.0 Denkovi ModBus relay DAE-RO16 DAE-RO16-MODBUS 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays eg_pm2lan 1.0.2 EG-PM2-LAN smart PDU EG-PM2-LAN 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays sonoff_basic 1.0.0 Sonoff Basic WiFi relay ITead 1-port (Tasmota) 2 (3.1.1+) Altertech Group,
relays sonoff_mch 1.0.1 Sonoff multi-channel WiFi relay ITead multi-port (Tasmota) 2 (3.1.1+) Altertech Group,
relays sr201 1.0.0 SR-201 relay SR-201 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
relays w1_ds2408 1.0.0 1-Wire DS2408 8-port relay DS2408 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/alarm akcp_md 1.0.0 AKCP MD00 motion sensor AKCP MD00 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/alarm akcp_sk 1.0.0 AKCP SK00 smoke detector AKCP SK00 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/env akcp_ths 1.0.0 AKCP THSXX temperature and humidity sensor AKCP THS00, AKCP THS01 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/env am2302 1.0.0 DHT11, DHT22, AM3202 temperature/humidity sensors DHT11, DHT22, AM2302 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/env bme280 1.0.0 BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensors (I2C/SMBus) BME280 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,
sensors/env w1_ds18n20 1.0.0 1-Wire DS18N20 temperature sensors DS18S20, DS18B20 1 (3.1.0+) Altertech Group,

Note: AKCP sensors should be connected to sensorProbe controller first. For all AKCP products EVA PHIs act as a gateway only.