is a new SCADA,
developed by integrators
for integrators

open-source platform with unique features for Industrial and Home IoT

EVA ICS version 3.4.2


EVA ICS Features

Ultra-secure private IoT cloud without internet
Rapid deployment
Zero vendor lock-in
Real-time data exchange
Data collection and unit control
Data analytics and decision making
Unlimited scalability
Data unification

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Industry-4.0 Ready

Industrial-grade platform: real-time, safe and secure event replication, industrial hardware communication protocols out-of-the-box
Balanced synchronization mechanisms: data between nodes are synchronized by multiple push/pull workers, which protect and verify each other
Enterprise-level Q/A and support: all stable platform builds pass multiple-stage automatic and manual tests, all new versions have the long-term backward compatibility
Real-time core: all internal and external calls are strictly checked for timeout errors
Secure and independent: EVA ICS nodes can synchronize data without the Internet, using internal secure communications, mission-critical calls are encrypted with military-grade AES256 encryption
Exponential learning curve: EVA ICS architecture is strict but simple and can be quickly learned by customers engineering teams

Modern Automation System

Unified IoT automation system for both SOHO and Enterprise
For Developers and System Integrators


Dec 20 2021 v3.4.2 released
Performance improvements, PSRT support
Change log
Sep 06 2021 v3.4.1 released
Stability and performance improvements
Change log
Jul 14 2021 Container for v3.4 available!
The production container image for Docker and K8S.
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Jul 07 2021 v3.4.0 released
Crash-free, faster and many new features
Change log
Mar 01 2021 v3.3.2 released
RHEL support, lots of new features
Change log
Aug 26 2020 v3.3.1 released
MSAD support, En/IP, core plugins
Change log
Feb 05 2020 v3.3.0 released
New ultra-fast core, core scripts
Change log
Oct 03 2019 v3.2.5 released
Cloud Manager UI, Google IoT support
Change log
Sep 06 2019 IOTE Cloud is online!
We are proudly present you cloud platform for EVA ICS.
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Jul 30 2019 v3.2.4 released
InfluxDB, Prometheus, CLI improvements
Change log
Jun 24 2019 v3.2.3 released
P2P controller connections, new features in PHIs
Change log
May 21 2019 v3.2.2 released
Scheduled jobs, smartphone app integration
Change log
Apr 16 2019 v3.2.1 released
New API, Cloud setup, performance improvements.
Change log
Feb 18 2019 License changed
Starting from build 2019021801 license is Apache 2.0


Your equipment can be quickly connected to EVA ICS controllers using simple scripts or drivers
Powerful Industry-4.0 deployment system allows quickly setting up new nodes and switch between pre-production and production configurations.
Nodes can automatically discover each other and exchange data via the Internet or local communcations, forming ultra-secure private Cloud.
Fully managed logic (cycles, macros, rules), easily customizable decision-making system
Built-in support for MQTT, SNMP, Modbus, 1-Wire and other industrial protocols.
With SFA Framework all of your system data in the browser interface are immediately accessible – add your interface design and its ready for work

Solutions For You

For Simple Setups

You can download EVA ICS for free, connect all your equipment by several commands - and use it without any restrictions! Then you can set logic rules and quickly create a management interface using EVA JavaScript framework.


For Enterprise

Our team offers the full support for EVA ICS, including deployment of hardware and software components of any complexity and creation of unique SCADA interfaces for your production process. Send us a short description of your project and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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