Using Installer
Supported Linux distributions:

Automatic and Unattended

Install required system packages, setup EVA ICS components

curl | sudo sh /dev/stdin -a


Download installation script and choose options

curl -o
sudo sh --help

Live Demos

Basic Setup

Single node EVA ICS installation

Download source
Smart Home

Virtual smart home

Farm Management

Virtual greenhouse, cloud example

Manual Installation

Requirements: Linux, Python 3.6+, for cloud setup: MQTT server or Amazon AWS

EVA JS Framework

JavaScript Framework for quick HMI (user interface) development

HMI applications

Ready-to-use web interface applications

Block UI, simple but flexible HMI app

Cloud Manager UI

(Windows/Linux, EVA ICS v4 only)

Smartphone HMI client apps

System Requirements

Software Requirements

Any modern Linux distribution

Python version 3.6 or newer

For the interfaces - any modern web browser, including mobile applications, with JavaScript and WebSocket enabled (recommended).

Hardware Requirements

Any computer: server, virtual machine or even microcomputer without permanent data storage device.

There are no restrictions on equipment - if one can use Linux to control it, one can also use EVA ICS.